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Esperanza Zubieta Trives
Esperanza Zubieta Trives, was born in Colindres (Cantabria) in 1963.Inicia his musical studies at the Conservatory of Music "Jesus de Monasterio" of Santander, continuing later in the Conservatory of Music "Ataulfo ​​Argenta" simultaneously their teachings under the guidance of Master D. Miguel Angel Flores and D. Samperio Rubio Antonio Zamora.

He moved to Bilbao Conservatory of Music "Juan Crisostomo Arriaga," where he won the Senior title Solfege, Music Theory, Transposition and Accompaniment. Finished his studies in composition at the "Conservatory of Music in San Sebastian," with teachers D. Gotzon Aulestia (a student of Olivier Messiaen) and D. Jesus Maria Alberdi. Getting the Superior Degree of Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition and Instrumentation.

He combines his academic training with work as a professor of musical language, Complementary Piano, Harmony and Accompaniment at the Conservatory of Music "Jesus de Monasterio," from September 1991 until June 2004. Shared work for three years as a music teacher (3 rd high school) in the College "San Agustín" Santander.

Also be distinguished within its artistic merits, deputy organist at the "Shrine of Aparecida Well", 1980-1985, Director of "Children's Tuna" Colindres 1985-86; Director of the Coral "Santa Cruz", Escobedo 1996 -97; Pianist integral Dantea Spanish Dance Company at the 45 edition of "Festival Internacional de Santander" in 1996, musical director and teacher Lyric Company concerted Cultural Society "Friends of Art"; period resulted the preparation and staging of various representations: "The Saffron Rose," 16 April 1998 at the Palais des Festivals de Santander, on May 3, equal representation in Baracaldo Theatre in "Encounters VI Zarzuela" to contest (2nd Award), "Classic Operetta" within the 150th anniversary of the Baths of Ola, sponsored by the Municipality of Santander, July 1998, "Mosaics Zarzuela", Theatre Modesto Tapia de Santander, July 1998; "The Tabernera Port", arcaded square, in July 1998 ... etc, Member of the Jury "Contest of Popular Song Cantabria" (3rd, 4th, and 5th Edition), organized by RNE, Member of Jury "Popular Song Contest of Cantabria
(1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Edition), organized by the Cultural Association "BOW" Conference on the figure of the famous "Jesus de Monasterio" for its centenary in April 2003, Potes, work composing and arranging on CD ; Pianist Accompanist Choir saved from Laredo, under the direction of D. Jose Luis Ocejo, in the "Folklore Gala Cantabria", Palacio de Deportes de Santander, July 2007. Director of "Coro Ronda La Encina", Santander, since April 2010.

An artistic musical denoting a concern reflected in various courses conducted for musical and academic improvement: Course Introduction to Computer and Electronic Music, University of Cantabria 1994; Choral Course by Jose Manuel Typhoeus, Santander 1996; IV Course Improvisation and Musical Pedagogy by Emilio Molina, Toledo 1999, Course of Pedagogy: The Organization of Work in the Middle Grade, Alcalá de Henares, 2006, by Claudio Forcada, editing scores, Alcalá de Henares, 2009 by Nino Díaz ... etc and attending courses organized by the center, musical pedagogy, Interpretation, Computer Music and Analysis (Arpad Bodo, Emilio Molina, Encarnación López de Sandy, Laura Moreno, Daniel Sprintze, Alicia Pinilla ...).

As a speech given within Teacher Training Workshops: "Music in Primary," organized by the Ministry of Education and Youth, June 2001, a result of constant concern and highest priority to this sector of compulsory education in relation to music education and the development of an "educational concerts for Banda de Música", held at the Teatro Casyc in Tantine in December 2009, with the Banda Municipal de Santander.

Composer of several works for piano, guitar, flute and piano, choir, chamber orchestra, band music, folk songs, carols, ... etc, has so far been released: "Riding in the Rain", "Snow on the Tulips "and" Tango, Pereda, "" Three Dances for Piano "(Francisco San Emeterio) within the" Cycle Music and Youth "Ministry of Education and Youth, May 2002," String Quartet "(Levare Quartet), by released into the "Music Creation Cycle IV in Cantabria", November 2002, a carol, "For you, for Christmas," Christmas Song Festival Cantabria, Exhibition and Conference Santander, December 2006 Top Songs: "How do you I loved "and" Oh, my dark "(Esther Teran and" The redwing Tanos ") within the" Folklore Gala Cantabria ", Palacio de Deportes de Santander, July 2007, and" Canto a la Bien Aparecida "(Aurelio Ruiz ) in the "Folklore Gala Cantabria", July 2008, "Christmas Lullaby" ("The Trastolillos" and "Pandereteras of Our Lady of Covadonga") Carol premiered at the Festival of Christmas carols, Santander Exhibition , December 2007, as well as composer of the "Ode to a Champion" (music and lyrics), commissioned by the President of Sports Media of Cantabria, for the 15th anniversary of "Sports Gala Cantabria", released on 10 December 2008 at the Teatro de la Caja Cantabria, and performed by The Choir "Brumas Norteñas" de Comillas and La Banda Municipal de Santander.
And sponsored by Media Sports and Cultural Association Cantabria BOW, was filed on December 3, 2010 at the Teatro Casyc CD presentation "The tradition continues."
Edited a disc which contains recording of the anthem, as well as other works of the composer, along with other popular themes and outstanding performers of folklore of Cantabria.

Author of a prelude for guitar "... through a window", within the series "Saturday Music" organized by the Hon. Santander City Council, premiered by the Trápaga Miguel concert, the March 7, 2009 at the Ateneo of the city, as well as within the same cycle, two works for flute and piano: "Recuerdos de viaje" and "Desolation and fantasy "(Marisa Aguirre Gandarillas and Meredith), the February 27, 2010.

His latest book, recently released, has been the "Symphony Cántabra."
A symphony performed by the Choir Round Camargo, Coro Ronda La Encina, Coral Don Bosco, Songs and Dances of Our Lady of Covadonga
and the Banda Municipal de Santander (nearly 200), in Santander Sports Palace on August 10, 2010, in the "X Anniversary Gala Cantabria Folklore."
Was subsequently performed on December 6, 2010, Constitution Day in the Parliament of Cantabria, at the request of the President.
Author of the "entrance exam" for elementary grades, with congratulations for the work performed DNA Tubet Alicia Pinilla, Professor of Music Theory at the Conservatory of San Sebastian and a "Teaching Tour" (for conservatories) both held in the " Elemental Conservatory of Music "Torrelavega, where he worked during the academic years 2004/2005 and 2005/2006, as Professor of Piano, Choir and Musical Language, during that time occupying the post of Head of the Department of Musical Language.