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Juan Pérez Ribes
Born in Montroy (Valencia). He began his musical studies at the Band in his hometown, with the then Director of that group, D. Octavio Chapa. In the Conservatory of Music in Valencia, he studied clarinet with D. Lucas Conejero, piano with D. José Roca and harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition with D. Jose Maria Cervera and D. Manuel Palau. In Madrid, V. Echevarria, R. Dorado, and in Paris with Olivier Messiaen .. He studied orchestral conducting with Vangemhein Walker, Igor Marchievich and Garcia Asensio. It belongs to the National Body of Directors of Civil Bands 1 to Category in which he joined in opposition. In the year (1953) won the prize for best soloist in the contest organized Pasodoble (CIFESA) in Valencia. Composer wide and varied career, has been awarded major national competitions in Musical Composition. Composition Prize "City of Mozon" (Huesca), Prize "Santa Isabel" of the Provincial de Zaragoza; Awards "Maestro Villa" of Madrid City Council years (1979 and 1982), Annual Choral Composition on Issues Extremadura, years (1986 and 1988), Award of Music Constitution Junta de Extremadura (1990), First Prize in the Composition Competition for Symphonic Band of the SGA E. (1992), Individual Merit Medal C. l. T. Caspe (Zaragoza). In his Catalogue of one hundred fifty works, most are for Orchestra and Symphonic Band, and for various combinations of instruments and chamber groups only, such as piano, guitar, clarinet and others ... The Provincial Council of Badajoz he published a book of ten songs and carols Extremadura, which taken from folklore, harmonized for the Choir of the Conservatory of Badajoz that were released and some are on CD. I have to repeat the exact words on the book that expressed the famous English musicologist based in Lisbon. M. Santiago Kastner: "He has done you a huge work of artistic and scientific value, and I hope to be used as it deserves." Among the new works included symphonic poems, fantasies, ... and so on. Most of them are in the Municipal Library of Composers Valencia. In the lyrical style has several chamber works for voice and piano, lyrical-dramatic "Cantata to St. Ignatius of Loyola", and the Opera "The Witches" with text by the poet Luis Chamizo Extremadura. He has been invited to lead prestigious musical groups and has served on the jury, in various competitions both Composition and Interpretation. From 1981 to 1997, he was Head of the Municipal Band and Professor of Composition at the Conservatoire of Badajoz before, from 1960 to 1964, head of B. Casas Ibáñez (Albacete), from 1970 to 1980, head of the Banda de Caspe (Zaragoza) and 1980 al1981 in the Banda Municipal de Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real) and Villarrobledo. Some of his works have been premiered in Germany, Portugal, Mexico, is the founder of C. O. S.I.C.O.V.A. and several of his works are in C.D. The Hon. Council of Valencia has been recorded in C. D. "The Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra" and for the International Contest Bands "Ciudad de Valencia", year 200 1, was charged with forced labor "Section of Honor" which he entitled "Canto al meu village." Lately he has composed "Concerto for Clarinet and Symphonic Band," dedicated to the great clarinetist Enrique Pérez Piquer, whose premiere was in Carcaixent (Valencia) on February 23, 2003, and was revived in the "Palau de la Música on 8 June 2003. This concert in 2004 has been interpreted in the municipal band of Mallorca, Bilbao, Alicante and soon in Valencia and Madrid. In 2002 he was awarded the First Prize for Choral Composition Manchegos issues organized (AMEV) Teaching Music Group Villarrobledo and Albacete. La Banda Municipal de Valencia, Mediterranean Symphony premiered on 7 October 2004 in "Palau de la Música". and the day May 27, 2005. it was a monographic concert, works Chamber music Ribes J. Perez. Works contained in a C D. Author of the Hymn to the Patroness of Badajoz "Virgen de la Soledad" with text by the great poet of Extremadura, Santiago Castelo .. Hymn to the tenth anniversary of the Folk Festival International. Hymn of Extremadura in school. has orchestrated several folkloric works Extremadura. On 13 April 2008, presented the work edited by the Provincial Council of Badajoz "Concerto for Clarinet and Symphonic Band," clarinet-piano version, in Noble Hall of the Provincial Council of Badajoz. On December 19, 2008, opened the concert Hall HE charged me with poems Almendralejo Espronceda Jose, in honor of its bicentennial, and during which teachers piano and singing at the Conservatory of Music of the city, and the Conservatory Choir Almendralejo, more the Choir of the University of Cáceres.