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Collection "Clarinet quartet Vert"
The Clarinet Quartet "Vert" was formed in 2000 and in 2002 he recorded his first album.
In the following years, in addition to his interpretative work, giving concerts both by the Valencian Community and by the rest of the Spanish state, initiate contacts with diverse composers to promote the creation of original works for quartet of clarinets. This initiative gives as a fruit that in 2006 premiere four works composed and dedicated to the Quartet by composers: Salvador Navarro (Divertimento on themes by Marcel Bistch), Ricardo Baixauli (Quartettino), José M. Morales (Two blue minutes) and José Pla (Piece for 4 clarinets). In 2008, they expanded their repertoire with three new creations by the composers: Ramón García (Apunts), Juan Pérez (El juguete jovial) and Luis Blanes (Symmetries Seriales).
In 2010, they record their second album "Essences" with the integral of all these dedications.
Just a year and a half later, on November 8, 2011, he performed at the Palau de la Música in Valencia, premiering 4 new works dedicated to the Composers Quartet: Vasco M. N. Pereira (Beet), Juan Pérez (Diversity), Juan Bta. Meseguer (Three dances) and Javier Costa (Farbenquartett).
On February 11, 2012, new works by the composers: Martínez Gallego (Di-Vert-imento), Salvador Lujan (Somnis Vert), Guillermo Ruano (Trip), Francisco Andreu (L'enfant magique ) And José Raúl Llanes (American Suite).
In October of 2012 presents / displays the double cd "essences 2" that reunites these 9 works.
In December 2014, a new double cd "essences 3", which, like its predecessors, is exclusively composed of original works dedicated and released by this group. It is published by José Grau (Impressions), Esperanza Zubieta (Songs of the sea), Pere Sanz (Pa that guzte pa tocá), Santiago Quinto (Chacona), Javier Pérez (Quartet Tragic), Juan Bta. Meseguer (Pasodoble), Rodrigo Buenestado (Molly overture) and Vasco M.N. Pereira (Promenades suite).
The Vert Clarinet Quartet has 70 dedicated works, 55 original and 15 quartet adaptations.
He currently has three open-label record projects, "Esencias 4", which include original compositions dedicated to them, "Vert-siones", which will include the adaptations made to this quartet and "Di-Vert-sión" Short-lived and with a fun character.
The Vert Clarinet Quartet has an Editorial Line in the Editorial in Musicvall, Edicions Musicals CB and B&M Llevant, Edicions Musicals SL in which only works dedicated to them are published.