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String Quartet 2

Title: String Quartet #2 "Blue"

Author: Rosa Mª Rodríguez Hernández [+ info]

Instrumentaction: string quartet

Format: Complet set

Category: 4 instruments

Pages: 19

Difficulty level (1-5): 4

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The condition of every color is light, this is the negation of extinction; the color is essentially light appears, which manifests. Different colors are only modifications of light and behave regarding it as different voices over the sound itself. The different colors are thus symbols of the different modes of appearance of being, they will represent in its various aspects and different relationships with other beings who are outside it. Mimetic residue of the old font that is blue, where peace and comfort is.

Andante, Prestissimo leggiero senza Messura, Presto, Allegro, Quasi adagio given sample of the different blue hues that the relationship between sky and sea set. Relationships that exist in its positive aspects such as: the feeling of infinity, trust, spiritual openness, pleasure, peace, points to the realm of the transcendent. It is the color of silence. His negatives are no more than mere extensions of their positive aspects: cold is linked to insensitivity, loneliness, alienation, tranquility with inertia.

The sound of Blue is the fabric of those feelings whose truth is mobility, clarity, light, blue, but also in the interior inintangibilidad way.

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