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Percussed Perceptions

Title: Percussed Perceptions

Composer: Salvador Brotons

Instrumentación: Percussion (2 solists), String Orchestra

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The orquestra material can be rented separately, price of the piano reduction  --   Percussed Perceptions was written for the Percadu Marimba and Percussion Duo (Two young Israeli percussionists: Adi Morag and Tomer Yariv), commissioned by the Raanana Symphonette and its executive director Orit Vogel.  The piece was premiered in November 2005 in Israel.

The piece is conceived as a double concerto for percussion and string orchestra in six movements. Each movement depicts a perception of contemporary society. Living in such an agitated world, people react against such an unsettled environment. The variety of timbre and colour offered by the percussion instruments inspired me to write contrasting moods, which reflect our modern life.

“Relax” features the vibraphone and glockenspiel in a calm and beautiful ambiance.  

“Conflict” is a spinning fast movement where the marimbas predominate.  It is virtuoso for the soloists and somewhat aggressive for the orchestra. Images of revolution and upheaval come to mind.  

“Fear” is a very common feeling nowadays. The tremolos of the marimba in the low register at the beginning give an unsettled mysterious power to the music. It is written in the form of a mountain with a big crescendo leading up to the culminating point midway, at the strike of the gong. A reverse process follows bringing the movement to a close with the darkness of the beginning.  

“Restlessness” is a short, delicate and rapid scherzo basically featuring small unpitched percussion (bongos, tom-toms, temple-blocks and wood-blocks) in a restless motion.

In “Hate and terror” the tempo alternates between slow and fast with all kinds of contrasting moods.  The gong, cymbals and tom-tom contribute to the suggestion of bad presages.

In contrast with the previous movement, “Love and peace” is as its title indicates, a return to the ideal world we all dream about. A new tonal but very chromatic melody is introduced by the marimba and vibraphone which is repeated twice with bigger orchestration.  A return to the music of the first movement along with elements from other movements brings back the needed peace in a soft, very relaxing ending.