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School of Guitar, vol. 5

Title: School of Guitar, vol. 5

Composer: Peregrí Portoles

Instrumentation: Guitar

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ISMN (Vol. 5): 979-0-69220-272-1

ISBN (Guitar School): 978-84-613-4289-1

ISBN (Vol. 5): 978-84-614-7524-7

Guitar School's library was founded with the aim of joining the initial learning methods and to make available to teachers and students a material that, in a progressive way, help ease the way in the teaching / learning guitar .

Is divided into 10 volumes. Since the beginning of a sequential manner, they appear content to allow the student should go about building a technical foundation, and also from the first time present the musical aspects, with phrasing and underlying dynamics, so that the student works and sounds to different attacks once you become familiar with their reading and interpretation, understanding better the musical discourse.

All volumes at the end of each of the parties, there are some empty staves in which the teacher can suggest new exercises to strengthen specific aspects or ask to the student who write these exercises, to gradually introduce in the field of creativity and initiative in work autonomy, as it will be he who develop their own material.

No doubt this work autonomy, guided by the teacher, must be one of the objects in this collection, prompting the student to self-evaluation and self-learning.

Volume no. 8 is created expressly for this purpose and can be a good reference to check the degree of robustness in which learning and independent learning.

The most important peculiarities of the method are:
- Is easily understood by very young students, so you can start learning the instrument very soon.
- Can be used from the first time without the student has knowledge of musical language, as the first volume will not be music and tablature spellings used is easily understood by the student.
- It raises the difficulties of a slow, so that students can easily assimilate the contents, while a steady and progressive.
- Use text in Catalan, which makes reading and understanding by the student
- Use popular Catalan songs students know, which facilitates the recognition of melodies and learning specific content.
- Encourages creativity and independent learning because from the first moment is proposed to the student who is he who develop exercises that help them improve.
- Allows in-depth learning of the instrument to complete the current objectives of the elementary teachings included in the new Education Act (LOE), and particularly in Catalonia and the 10 volumes containing all the necessary contents and an important portfolio.
- Its structure and contents and difficulties identified and separated, facilitating the development of teaching units.

In the literature we find an important guitar repertoire of methods for all levels, from beginners to advanced, I hope that the School of guitar find its place and can help in this difficult task.

Peregrí Portolés Chulvi