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Natural History colour prints

Title: Natural History Colour Prints

Composer: Salvador Brotons

Instrumentation: Low register Voice and extended Cobla

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CROMOS D'HISTÒRIA NATURAL (Natural History colour prints), for low register voice and extended cobla

When Jaume Creus showed me his cycle of poems Cromos d'història natural (Natural History Colour Prints), I immediately thought about the possibility of writing a cycle of songs. The content was varied and attractive and I liked the vivacity of the words as well as its laconic style. All the poems I had set to music before were quite extensive and I was motivated by the possibility of writing eight brief and direct songs. I first wrote the piece for voice and piano and later orchestrated it for extended cobla.

I chose the prints according to their expressive possibilities, and also because of their contrasts. The cobla, enlarged by two percussionists mainly using drumsticks, offers an interesting timbre play when combined with the low voice of the mezzo soprano.

L’oreneta (the swallow) is fast and fleeting. The reeds and the laminated percussion predominate.

La garota (the sea-urchin), of mysterious aspect but delicious taste, acquires a more dramatic dimension.

El cucut (the cuckoo), the voice sings calmly below brass harmonies and touches of flabiol.

La libèl·lula (the dragonfly), its jumps give a more grotesque air with the sound of the reeds.

Els calamars (the squids) appear relaxed with beautiful reflecting colours from the percussion with a lugubrious touch

Les Abelles (the bees), with a scherzo character, plays with the buzzing of their flight and with pretty touches of the muted brass.

L'aranya (the spider) surprises with sudden aggressive movements in the reeds contrasting with its stillness.

Els grills i llagosts (the crickets and locusts), with their raucous trills, brings the piece to a brilliant end.