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Title: Sonata

Composer: Grau Benedito, José

Instrumentation: Tuba and piano

Pages: 22

Level difficulty (1-5): 4

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This was one of the first works written by the composer, and it uses a “hexátona” modal scale, with distances of tone, semitone and minor third, chords of three, four and five notes, as well as rapid regional integrations to other centers of the same mode, whose interaction causes an instability that only partially resolved in some cadences.
The piece consists of three movements. The first one (Allegretto) is based on a motif featuring the piano immediately after the introduction of the tuba, as well as a main theme that carries the tuba from measure 13. These two elements will alternate along the movement. The second one, it is a Romanza whose function is to combine the modal sound of the piano and a fully tonal melody on tuba, and hence the different key signatures. In the third movement (Allegro non troppo) the solo instrument will have the opportunity to show the wide possibilities of execution that has through passages that constitute a secure rhythmic, melodic and technical callenge for tuba students.

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