The Publisher

Musicvall, Edicions Musicals started his activity in 2010. After a long time of work we developed a new and a different editorial project with our own material, our composers and their works. All this work has been possible because the manager has keep a close bond over a decades with the composers and musical associations from Valencian Community and the rest of the Spanish peninsula.

Musical heritage recovery

From the beginning of our activity we decided that one of our goals will be recover the Valencian musical heritage and also the musical heritage of others communities.

Support, discovery and promote composers

Another goal about our publisher is to support and to discover new music values from nowadays, with special attention to our women composers. From the beginning we have incorporated and managed works by composers from Valencian Community, from Spanish state and others countries.

Pedagogy Commitment

The publish of pedagogic material is one of our goals because we believe that we can increase the education offer.


Julio José Maestro Oliver

CEO / Director of Publisher Department and Administration Department

Juan Carlos Maestro Oliver

Publisher Department 


We want to expand our outlook and to be present on the principle international forums of the musical editions. Also, we want to be present on conferences, exhibitions and we want incorporate others internationals composers.

Our music publisher is a partner of:

Centro Español de Derechos Repográficos

Our editorial is a collaborator of:

Brotons&Mercadal, Edicions Musicals
B&M Llevant, Edicions Musicals
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