The magic clarinet

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Title: The magic clarinet

Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan B.

Instrumentation: Clarinet and piano

Pages: 45

Level difficulty (1-5): 5

Duration: 21′

Year of composition: 2012

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Dedicated to my friend Josep Fuster (soloist, professor in Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and clarinet player in the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya) and his “magic clarinet”.
Composed in 2012 and structured in one movement, this work could be taken as a composition similar to a symphonic poem, for its descriptive character, and not as a concerto, as it seeks to tell the story of a so-called ‘magic’ clarinet. This clarinet was able to play with prodigious accuracy any virtuoso passage, and would also bathe with its particular sonority any delicate passage with amazing delicacy and exquisite interpretation.
The modal style together with the clarity of ideas, both from the virtuosistic and the interpretative point of view, favour the understanding of the entire musical discourse.
The approximate duration is 21 minutes. n

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