Three dances

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Title: Three dances

Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan B.

Instrumentation: Clarinet quartet

Pages: 37

Level difficulty (1-5): 4

Duration: 13′ 09”

Year of composition: 2011

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This work is dedicated to the “Vert” clarinet quartet.
In these pieces, the techincal or virtuosistic difficulty is not the main characteristic; the clarity of ideas, the dialogue, the counterpoint and the rhythm are the basic pillars. Its harmonic language oscilates between the tonal, modal and chromatic aspects. The instrumentation of the quartet, with three Bb clarinets and the bass clarinet is not casual. The broad distances which form between the bass clarinet and the third clarinet, create a more open sound space, perhaps more appropriate for a double bass.
The initial dance is characterized by its simplicity with regard to the melodic and rhythmic lines (they could almost be described as innocent), but with a structural sense of a very difinite ensemble.
The central dance is of great interpretative delicacy. The rythm and its melodic play blend, creating a very delicate and partially nostalgic ambience. The use of disparate measures along with others which are not, makes the rhythmic interest gain further importance. The contraction of the melodic line through the dissolution of its thematic cells at the end of the movement, in order to make the cadence, is also a notable feature.
The final dance is, without a doubt, the most technically challenging. Furthermore, it melts together formal styles like classic, modern and impressionist. We can also distinguish the mixture of tonal, modal and chromatic harmonies. The rhythmic changes play an important role in the development of this movement.
The approximate duration of the work is 13 minutes.

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