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Title: Yearning

Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan B.

Instrumentation: clarinet and piano

Pages: 10

Level difficulty (1-5): 3

Duration: 5′

Year of composition: 2010

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Composed in 2010 and dedicated to Josep Fuster (clarinet) and Isabel Hernandez (piano). Slow and of a poetic character, this piece is structured in a single movement, like a little lied that requires interpretation of great delicacy by the performers.

It contains melodic lines which unfurl along with harmony in modal style, with a protagonism which the performers modulate; it is through them that the interest in the two instruments becomes a feature of the composition, along with the elegance of its melodic lines and the counterpoint effects created by the dissolution of the harmony in displays of rhythmic accompaniment.

The duration of the piece is about five minutes.

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