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Title: Concert

Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan B.

Instrumentation: Alto saxophone and piano

Pages: 40

Level difficulty (1-5): 4

Duration: 15′ 32”

Year of composition: 2006

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In this concert, created in 2006, the composer wants to excel the natural features of the instrument without making use of the possibilities that offers in contemporary music (harmonics, multiphonics, etc…)
It is about a concert in which the natural characteristics of the instrument facilitate that both the interpreter and the audience enjoy the proper qualities of such a versatile instrument like the saxophone, both from the virtuous point of view, and its own expressivity and melodic elegance.
It is structured in three movements. This work is presented as a whole in a modernist style. The fusion of modal and tonal lines create a very special atmosphere regarding the melody and the harmony.
In reference to the technical aspect, this concert is of technical and interpretative high difficulty. n

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