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Title: Concert
Composer: Ripoll Corella, Marcos
Instrumentation: tuba and orchestra
Pages: 66
Level difficulty (1-5): 4
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To write this concerto, I studied the most common structures of the great works of the Romantic period, adapting them to my own way of composing and my knowledge of the tuba for this concerto. I have tried to emulate the late 19th-century concerto style that I would have liked there to have been in the repertoire: a concerto made up of three movements with a romantic structure and style, scales, rhythms and modes characteristic of Spanish popular music, composed for an orchestra with the classic woodwind setup plus two horns and timpani.

The first movement is in sonata form, its main theme a Valencian lullaby found in the book “Popular songbook from Valencia in the 20s” written by Miguel Asins Arbó. This melody is one of the songs which I sang to my son when he was a baby. In the second theme I use a melody typical of Spanish music, these scales and modes were used by Spanish composers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to convey the traditional Spanish styles.

The second movement is made up of two clearly differentiated sections, divided by a passage in which only the woodwinds and strings intervene.

In the third movement, after an orchestral introduction,  a cadence by the soloist follows,  and then the rondo begins. This alternates between rapid virtuoso passages for the soloist, and the copla, a more lyrical and delicate theme. Eventually we reach the coda where the main theme of the first movement returns and we hear a reminiscence of the melody, this time changing to a broken sequence, which leads to an ending with the rhythmic and musical force necessary for the soloist to shine.

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