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Title: Concertino

Composer: Anglés Galindo, Pablo

Instrumentation: Bass clarinet and piano

Pages: 26

Level difficulty (1-5): 4

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ISMN: 979-0-801260-65-9
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Work divided in 3 contrasting times without pause between them and written from the technical basis of the poles of affinity and attraction tonal (potential system) technique enriched with other complementary compositional resources that provide rich melodic, rhythmic and harmonic with order to provide the diversity and balance that all interestingwork should be have.
The initial work material is based of a series of 9 sounds based on the intervallic used in the main theme of the Concertino in f m Weber, work of reference on the clarinetistico repertoire From this series, the remaining material originates applying compositional techniques mentioned above.
Formally the work is structured: Halftime: Introduction – Bridge – First Section – Bridge – Second Section. Second time (Cantabile): Cadence (as a link) – Third Section – Bridge. Third time (Rondo): Fourth Section – Section Five.

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