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Title: Esamore

Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan B.

Instrumentation: Oboe and piano

Pages: 31

Level difficulty (1-5): 3

Duration: 14′

Year of composition: 2011

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This piece was composed in 2011 and dedicated to Inmaculada Esplugues (piano) and Miguel Morellá (oboe). The work follows Melodismes, also for oboe and piano and premiered by the previous performers, and which serves as the basis for this new composition.

It is structured in three movements, with an imposing modal style, along with the tonal style and a strong melodic line. A thematic cell, taken from the first movement of Melodismes, serves to introduce the work in the first movement, as an element of dialogue along with new ideas.

The search, once again, of melodies and rhythms which are catching on first hearing, both for performers and listeners, and the fusion of these two instruments in a conversational style and great delicacy of interpretation, draw the best of each musician, as each one passes the main role to the other throughout the work. The piece lasts approximately 14 minutes.

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