I don’t understand this music

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Title: I don’t understand this music

Composer: Vidal Belda, Óscar

Instrumentation: Trumpet and piano

Pages: 17

Level difficulty (1-5): 5

Year of composition: 2012

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ISMN: 979-0-801260-47-5
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Commissioned by José Chafer & 38th International Trumpet Guild (Michigan, USA)
It is a piece structured in five short movements, with a minimalist treatment of the musical elements. The piece is built upon the scale of whole tones.
This small work of chamber has no other object than the audience enjoyment of the different timbric colours that the trumpet offers together with the piano. “I do not understand this musician, because it does not have to be understood, has no other meaning more than the purely audible”.
Each movement presents a different subject because the structure of the piece does not reproduce any previous models.
1. The first question
2. The second question
3. The third question
4. A short reflection
5. The unanswered question
The listener will definitely will wonder about the meaning of the music, and therefore it will find a small moment of reflection (4th movement) that will bring him the question without answer, or better said, an answer that did not expect.

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