Technical exercises to control the air column

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Title: Technical exercises to control the air column

Composer: López López, Alberto

Instrumentation: Trumpet

Pages: 77

Level difficulty (1-5): 3

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The idea of putting these exercises into a book arises mainly for two reasons. On the one hand, I have observed that there are numerous students, of different levels, who are not aware of the importance of good technical work with the trumpet and its subsequent application in the interpretation of works, studies, etc. I have organized a series of exercises that have been worked on for different generations and that include all the technical aspects that the student should work on in their daily study before tackling their works or studies.
On the other hand, I wanted to leave a written record of some exercises that They have helped me in my career and subsequently have helped my students, in this way being able to contribute to the world of teaching a wide range of possible solutions and paths to help their students.

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