Sevillian concert

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Title: Sevillian concert
Author: Meseguer Llopis, Juan Bautista
Instrumentation: two bassoon and symphony band
Difficulty level (1-5): 4

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This concert for two bassoons and symphonic band was commissioned by two great masters of the bassoon: Miguel Puchol and Álvaro Prieto. Its premiere took place at the Círculo Mercantil de Sevilla on September 15, 2021 by the municipal band of the aforementioned capital, being directed by its director, maestro Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Juan.

Structured in the form of a descriptive suite in five movements, and with a central cadence, this concert uses a modal-tonal language, which, at times due to its melodic contours and harmonies, brings us closer to a style more typical of popular music. Andalusian.

Passages of great technical difficulty, together with others of great lyricism, typical of the instrument, and a constant dialogue between soloists and band, make this work very interesting for both the performers and the listener.

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