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Title: Santium
Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan Bautista
Instrumentation: French horn and piano
Pages: 22
Level difficulty (1-5): 3
Duration: 9’
Year of composition: 2011

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This piece was composed in 2011 and dedicated to Santiago Abel Muñoz (French horn player and member of the Unitat de Música del Quarter General de la Força de Maniobra de València). In terms of difficulty, the piece could be placed amongst a grade 5 of medium level. The composition is divided into three movements with a free construction. The style of this piece is varied, as each movement has its own personality, as well as presenting different styles that occur in what we might call an evolutionary process in musical form. The first movement is tonal and in classical style, and gives way to a second modal movement, which could be classified in a more impressionistic style. A small cadence leads seamlessly to a third movement in complete contrast to the two previous ones, with accompaniments in the form of “ostinato” and of great simplicity, dialogues between French horn and piano, and almost innocent melodies, along with ideas of greater technical difficulty, all within a modal environment which creates a modern and casual style

The piece lasts approximately 9 minutes.

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