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Title: Nest-or
Composer: Meseguer Llopis, Juan Bautista
Instrumentation: Bassoon and piano
Pages: 22
Level difficulty (1-5): 3
Duration: 10’
Year of composition: 2007

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Written in 2007, the composer dedicated this composition to his nephew Nestor (bassoon student). The difficulty of the piece could fit into the final of 2nd grade of the middle level. The composition is divided into three movements in a Sonatina form, but with a free construction with respect to the classical structure. The coexistence of melodic lines of a modern style with lines of a more classical style, creates a particular atmosphere. The treatment of the piano is not limited to the function of a simple accompaniment, but also plays an important role as an element in dialogue with the bassoon. The modal aspects blend with the tonal ones to create a more colorful sound space. It is an easy piece to memorize, and is catchy and fun. The piece lasts approximately 10 minutes.

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