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Title: Rhapsody

Composer: Artaza Fano, Javier

Instrumentation: Trumpet and piano

Pages: 29

Level difficulty (1-5): 4

Duration: 10′ 28”

Year of composition: 2012

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ISMN: 979-0-801260-45-1
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The Rhapsody for trumpet and piano was conceived in 1995 as an attempt of mixing different languages within a free structure. In December 2012 it takes its definite shape. Dedicated to José Cháfer Mompó, the piece travels through different aesthetics, from jazz to atonalism, and plays with mutes that enrich and draw each language. It is structured in two big independent sections that are surrounded by freer speeches in which the timbre of the mute gains strength. The sections, with brief developments, take the main leitmotiv of a rhythmic unit of ten sounds organized in two ninth chords in inversion, that by means of transformations not always evident, the whole piece unfolds. A piano with a stable rhythmical vocation serves as a model and counterpoint to the melodic variety of the trumpet.

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