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Title: Sonata

Composer: Cuenca Castelló, Antonio

Instrumentation: Oboe and piano

Pages: 27

Level difficulty (1-5): 4

Duration: 11′ 50”

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ISMN: 979-0-801260-67-3
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From modal scales, such as the Phrygian or Mixolydian, this sonata for oboe plays us a climate rather impressionistic, but combining at the same time, by its expressiveness, harmonies and melodies in the romantic style. There are also certain passages, as in the second or third time, reminiscent of the Spanish nationalist music.
The second time requires a high technical by the soloist, with a cadence that exploits all registry of the oboe. Noteworthy is also the piano part, which is not limited only to make rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment but often converses with the part of the oboe soloist.
The composition is dedicated to Ramon Varón Ciudad, great professional oboist and friend of the author.

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